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Terry R. Brooks "Father Rock"

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Father Rock is not simply another Science fiction /fantasy book, it is a chronicle of pure power, a rocking roller coaster of action and adventure with a harmonic mission

Father Rock is a being descended from gods, on a mission to save the world and indeed the infinite universes beyond from the evil influence of Demos, an evil demon bent on domination. This classic tale of good and evil stretches the reader's imagination to its boundaries as it leaps back and forth in time space and dimension. You'll find yourself swept away by the beauty and power of worlds so descriptive you can almost hear the sound track.

Follow Father Rock and his team World United as they fight to restore universal harmony with musical instruments and multidimensional characters. This is an unforgettable epic battle capturing the quintessence of reality that highly concentrated lower essence of meaning and content.

"Father Rock is an action packed original book and film concept developed by Terry R. Brooks to appeal to a world-wide audience. It is a classic good versus evil tale with a unique twist. The Story culminates in the ultimate battle for world dominance in which the main characters do battle with musical weapons. Father Rock is a white-haired wizard god with a laser light guitar. Demos is the subterranean fire-breathing monster. The basic story is designed to touch on all human emotions. It is an intelligent concept conveyed in the American music style. Which combines the best of the European epic tale with the American appetite for action and adventure. I believe it has the potential to be a classic; a new Fantasia or Dante’s Inferno." Ralph G. DePalma, III, Entertainment Attorney New York.

"Can not wait for the Father Rock book to hit the stores. It's good! I mean really good! Do I see movie marquees light up? You bet I do. I can't wait for the movie soundtrack." Bobby Davis, President S.U.R.E. Record Pool 150 DJ's Strong, New York.

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