Terry R. Brooks and Strange
"Best Guitar solo of all time!" -Amazon.com, in review of "You Will Be Loved."

Terry R. Brooks welcomes you to his official web site!

Announcing a brand new release!
Terry's debut album "Translucent World" available for sale for the first time in digital format.

Terry R. Brooks

Terry is one of those guitarists who have made the solo his life goal, just like Randy Holden, Jimi Hendrix, Wilburn Burnchette, but not out of narcissism or anything like it just because the instinct of guitar genius allows them, when the muse strikes to improvise and create incredibly personal and unrepeatable weaving of sounds. (Have you ever heard Jerry Garcia or Duane Allman live repeat the same solo voice? It just doesn't happen!) {Read More About Terry R. Brooks}

NEW! Terry R. Brooks Artwork - Art - You may be familiar with Terry R. Brooks from the great Rock and Roll Music that he made with his band "Strange" back in the '70s and 80's. This Gallery features Terry's Beautiful Artwork and is presented exclusively here with his full permission. All of the Artwork in this Gallery is the original Artwork of Terry R. Brooks.

Aural Innovations audio interview and article "Call Me Strange" - A great print article with audio from Aural Innovations.

"Messages from the Cosmos" New Article From Shindig Magazine - AUSTIN MATHEWS heads for deep space as he chats with heavy psychedelic guitar progenitor TERRY BROOKS about his life, music and NASA.

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